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Yoga for Cyclists - restoration after cycling

We're pleased to bring you the third in the series of Yoga for Cyclists videos, which will be the perfect remedy to any of your post-riding aches and pains.

In this Yoga for Cyclists episode, personal trainer Helder Gomes takes you through a series of foundational yoga poses to help restore the body after a long ride, but also learn some basic techniques for building the core and establishing good posture overall.

Helder is a fitness professional and avid outdoorsman. He marries the hard-won experience from his time as a United States Marine and Eagle Scout with his diverse health and fitness knowledge to help people find ways to reconnect with nature and implement healthy lifestyle habits. When he's not conducting a nature trek or teaching a kettlebell workshop, you can find Helder mucking it up with his dogs Bruno, Manchester and little Roxy.

Helder is going to be offering live online fitness classes on Muuyu this fall. Click here to find out more.

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