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Eight bikes on ebay that made us go “What the...?”

Ebay in Vegas by Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale, on Flickr
Ebay in Vegas by Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale, on Flickr

We've scoured ebay to compile our top selection of the weird and wacky from the world’s online marketplace, including trikes, bikes and tandems! If you've found your own gems on the site, let us know in the comments section below.

Hercules Tricycle with Zeta 11 electric power assist

This one's a true blast from the past! An original Hercules front end with a Ken Rogers conversion trike back-end. You won't see many of these on your daily commute.

Electric power assist is provided to the front wheel via a motor designed by British inventor Robert Sinclair - if this had any more history packed into it, it'd be in a museum. Would you ride it though?


Downhill electric bike

And now for something a little bit different...while mainstream manufacturers are coming up with lighter and increasingly streamlined ways of incorporating electric motors into bikes, this bold example bucks the trend with a battery and motor system which we can only imagine weighs as much as another bike.

There should be no problem stopping this beast though with Shimano Saint brakes both ends - although with a claimed top speed of 56km/h you're going to need to leave yourself plenty of braking distance! Coming to a downhill track near you? Doubtful.


Custom BMX tandem

This is pretty cool. Custom made for camping trips for the kids, the owner took two complete BMX bikes and got busy with the grinder and welder. Here it is in action:


Motorised bicycle engine kit

Have you ever considered bolting a four-stroke engine to your current bike? Neither have we - and we don't recommend it - but where there's a will there's a way and this 49cc unit could be yours...!

Apparently it'll provide more acceleration, speed, performance and reliability than you could ever ask for in a motorised bike. Probably more time in hospital too, we suspect.


Orange Patriot 7 downhill bike

It's hard to describe this one. Frankenbike? The future? A complete shambles? Optimistic? One of Orange's famous downhill frames adorned with more stickers than a bag of apples and more add-ons than your local boy racer. What the piston on the top tube is for, we can only imagine!


Stealth Bomber eBike Mountain Bike

Let's get to the price with this one first: £9,499. We'd be the first to recommend spending as much as possible on a decent bike, but nearly £10,000 is a lot to justify for this. Described as the future of riding and with a top speed of 50mph, this Australian-built model is "the perfect machine for trail rides, commute or even racing."

Coming to a trail centre near you?!


Tandem Raleigh Chopper

Bikes don't get much more old-school and evoke a sense of nostalgia like the Raleigh Chopper. Everyone of a certain age either had one, wanted one or knew someone who did. Here we have a cut-and-shut model with two Choppers rolled into one - a MkI rear end and a MkII front, paired with a Sturmey Archer hub and gear shifter. Choptastic.


Handmade wooden bike

We're told to be more environmentally friendly, so a wooden bike seems like a good way to go. This handmade example is built from top-end beech with a mahogany surround. This sort of exclusivity will cost you though, it's a pretty penny at $3,377.07. It weighs in at the top end of the scales too at 33lb.


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